By: Gabriella Wood & Hannah Behnke Hr.7

Babysitting harms/preventions

Babysitting can be a very dangerous job if you are not careful. Take these tips.

  • Don't leave sharp objects laying around
  • Make sure you follow the parents orders and list so no one gets hurt
  • Always keep babies away from stairs so they don't fall
  • Don't let anyone in the house
  • Little things in safety can make a difference
  • BE SMART!!!!

What babysitters do!

  • When you care for someone's children in their home leave the home as clean and tidy as when you entered it.
  • You are expected to clean up after the children throughout the day.
  • Focus on the children at all times.
  • ALWAYS remain calm.
  • Always be encoureging. Never put a kid down


  • Pit bulls were used as babysitters. They were also the dog of choice for children and used for the protection of the kids.
  • Once you go for babysitting, make sure you reach ten minutes early as it leaves a good impression on the family. Besides this there are few things which you should know beforehand.

    • The name of the child.
    • His/her age, weight.
    • Phone numbers of his/her parents.
    • Contact number of the child’s doctor.
    • Location of important things for the baby.
    • Rules of the house.
    • Ask yourself what kind of house and family will suit you.
    • This job should ensure child’s safety as well as your safety too.
    • Once you take up this job then child’s safety is in your hands starting from her/his meals to their sleep.
    • Kids also need entertainment and fun so you should be a good entertainer keeping the rules intact.