The Red Pyramid

by Rick Riordan

"The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan is an impressively written first book in the trilogy of The Kane Chronicles. I believe that it is truly worthy of a place in the RCS library. It has an engaging plot, made up of hooking and excellent content with interesting and well-developed characters.

Engaging Plot

The plot of "The Red Pyramid" is extremely engaging. The book starts out providing information about what is to come, and then launches into an action-packed, nail-biting, positively stunning story about a family that has become tied to the ancient Egyptian gods. Essentially, the plot is perfect for any student who craves action novels, but also manages to be educational in the sense that it teaches the reader more about the ancient Egyptian gods and ancient Egyptian culture.

Educational and Interesting Content

Not only does "The Red Pyramid" have a stunning plot, it is educational as well. Any reader can tell from just a glance at the first page that the book is action-packed, but what any reader cannot tell immediately is that the book is also semi-educational. The characters have been intertwined with the Egyptian gods, and because of this there is lots of Egyptian history and general information about ancient and modern Egypt. One would expect this to make the book dull or take away some of the 'fun' value, but Riordan has delicately woven the information throughout the story to create a fun and engaging book that many middle school and even high school students will love.

Well-Developed Characters

Adding on to the impressiveness of "The Red Pyramid", Riordan has developed well-rounded, interesting characters. The two main characters, Carter and Sadie Kane, are extremely well-developed in that they have an intricate sibling relationship, along with well-rounded personalities and interests. For example, Carter has great love for Sadie but he states that they have very little in common other than their parents (pg. 8.) Also, he makes a considerable effort to look professional at all times, and Sadie states at one point that he "looks like a junior professor" (pg. 207.) Not only is Carter very professional, he has great love of history, just like his father. They visited museums incredibly often, and Carter stated on page 5 that he and his father visited museums every time they went to a new dig site. So, the characters are incredibly developed in all aspects and help add to the interest factor of the story.

Is "The Red Pyramid" Really a Good Book for the RCS Library?

You may believe that since "The Red Pyramid" is seemingly more of an action-packed book, it would not necessarily be good to put in the library. In this sense, you are mistaken. In "The Red Pyramid", despite having an action-packed side , it really is educational. Not only are educational factors woven into the story, an entire glossary for use of the reader is included. It contains facts on the gods, general history, and a dictionary for Egyptian words mentioned during the story. So, it is truly educational and will educate students while entertaining them and is definitely a good selection for the RCS library.

Choose "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan for the RCS Library!

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