The Roche Report

December 4, 2014

What are we learning? (Written by Students!!)

Math (Through the eyes of Jenna H.)

We are learning to multiply two digit by two digit numbers in math. We are using boxes to help us organize our work. We have practiced solving word problems using this strategy. Hey parents, why don't you try 56 x 34 and see if you and your child get the same answer!?

Language Arts (Through the eyes of Diego D.)

In language arts we are learning about multiple meaning words. These are words that are spelled the same, but have more than one meaning. Some examples are: jerk/jerk, suit/suit, pool/pool, and jet/jet. We are learning about biographies which are books written about another person. We learned that graphic sources are maps, graphs, diagrams, pictures, and charts. When these are in stories, they tell us important information. We are trying to meet our AR goals for second trimester.

Social Studies (Through the eyes of Koray B.)

We finished our study of the six Native American groups of Ohio. We are learning about the French and British explorers who were exploring the "new world." They were looking for new trade routes. We wrote explorer journals. We learned that they claimed the land in North America. They traded guns and blankets with the Native Americans for furs. The British made the 13 colonies. I predict there will be a war because there seems to be a lot of disagreement about this land.

Science (Through the eyes of India I.)

This week in science, we have been learning about systems. A system is a collection of smaller things that help the object work. Some examples of systems are: Kramer, railroads, baseball games, cell phones, and suitcases. We will begin learning about living systems and the components of each system. Ms. Roche told us we will be studying worms soon. YUCK!

Holiday Ornaments Reminder from Zoey

Don't forget there will be a tree in the classroom on Monday. Remember to make your ornament and bring it on Monday to share with the class about your family traditions! Be creative!

Technology From Isaac C.


  • Plickers are pieces of paper that can be scanned with Ms. Roche's iPhone or iPad when we hold them up. Today, we all held up our individual plickers and Ms. Roche scanned papers to find out our lunch count (hot, cold, packed). It was so cool and we hope we can use them again!

Colar App:

  • This technology is using augmented reality. This means that when we color inside the lines of a photograph, we can scan them and see them come to life! We will be writing holiday paragraphs and using this technology! To learn more, you can visit

Holiday Party Planning is in full effect!! Stay tuned for student updates!