The Albemarle Sound

What you need to know

What its all about

The Albemarle Sound is one of the most unique sounds on the Outer Banks as it gradually transitions from a fun saltwater playground bordering the beaches to a series of mainland estuaries and streams that wind deep into the heart of North Carolina and even Virginia. Originally serving as an essential transportation route for the first colonists, the Albemarle Sound today is a mixture of fun and function, providing central Outer Banks vacationers with miles of waterfront terrain to play in, while also providing a habitat for countless species of wildlife.
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Why we need them

They are important because they are nurseries for young and the have lots of recreational value.


Chowan,roanoke, and black water rivers

The organisms that live there

The plants that live here are seaweed, kelp, and lots of grasses


There are lots of threats but to name a few there is chemical, human waste, excessive nutrients and erosion.