Such a Great Country They Made Us A Continent!


Australia has tons of entertainment, like the Sydney Opera House, where you can listen to plays, musicals, and symphonies from the greats, such as Mozart and Shakespeare!


Australia has over 22,292 Miles of shoreline! With this there are beaches, resorts, hikes and beautiful sights; like the Great Barrier Reef!


Australia has plenty of landforms, one being an ancient rock, called Uluru. With a circumference of 9.4 KM you can climb it, camp on it, take a helicopter ride to it, or just hug it!


You may know Australia's food as "The Outback," but in actuality, it is nothing like that! In fact, it is popular for something completely different, the Fish Market. It is predominantly located in Sydney, and it serves over 15 Million Kilograms of food annually!
Hope you liked Australia, see you there soon!