Mrs. Strubel's Classroom

First Week of School

Sneak Peek Night

It was so great to see so many parents at Sneak Peek Night. It is always a good time for your children to informally get to know their classroom and teacher. I learned so much from you and your children.

Daily Folders and Communication

These will need be checked daily for communication, homework, behavior calendar, and daily work. Please remove papers each day and keep an eye out for special notes from the teacher


Seesaw will be my main way to communicate with you. Please make sure that if you didn't sign up during Sneak Peek Night, that you go into your child's daily folder and sign up for a free account. You will get a notification on your phone or email that I posted something new to your child's account. You can view it, save it, like it or comment on it.


Your child will be expected to follow school and classroom rules. If your child does not follow the rules, I will be contacting you. They will have a behavior calendar in their daily folders that you can monitor each day. Also, please make sure your child does not bring toys that they would play with at school.


8:30 - School Begins

8:40 -

Water Bottles

Students may bring water bottles to use during the day. They will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed.

Contact Information

I typically do not answer e-mails or phone calls during the school day. Most days I don't check e-mails until 3:30 or 4. If you need to get a message to me right away (ex. how your child is getting home after school), please leave a message with the secretary and she will get it to me. If it is something that I can answer after the school day is over, you can leave me a voicemail or e-mail.