4th Grade News 9/15/14

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important information & Upcoming Events

* We would like to thank Christy and Luke Westlake for bringing Reed, Luke's Diabetes Alert dog, for coming to visit with us on Thursday. It was a wonderful presentation . Your child should be able to tell you so many interesting things about this amazing dog and how he helps Luke throughout the school day and everyday at home.

Math, Science, and Social Studies with Mrs. Curtright

Math- In fluency this week we will be working on the 3 facts. Please make sure your child spends some time this week using the fact cards in their binder to study for the accuracy check on Friday. Students may begin to struggle as we enter this next section of facts. These are not numbers they have been counting by since first grade. Our focus lessons this week will be on rounding multi-digit numbers to any place value. We will also work on rounding numbers using real world applications. Students will get their homework on Monday and it will be due on Wednesday. Students have a practice sheet in their math folder that is similar to the homework that they should look at to remember how to show their work and other small reminders.

Science-We have completed our first unit "Stuck on You" in science. We will switch back to science in about 3 weeks. Here are a few making glue pictures for you to enjoy!

Social Studies-We did not begin our Social Studies unit last week so on Monday we will begin our first unit. We will focus on geography and map skills. We will learn all 7 continents, oceans, major mountain ranges, major rivers, and about latitude and longitude.

Reading, Writing and Word Study with Mrs. Foster

Word Study--All groups have new words coming home this week. They are written in agendas, cut in the zipper pouch, and Tuesday the sort will be written in the spiral notebook. Blue & yellow groups will test this Friday. Green will keep their words for two weeks.

Reading---We will begin a whole class novel this week. We will be reading EB White's The Trumpet of the Swan during class. Students will also be responding to the chapters, looking for evidence, and examining the big ideas of the story. We will also have time each day for independent reading. In addition, a new fluency passage will come home today for this week.

Writing--We will begin a personal narrative rough draft this week. We will also be examining the 4 types of sentences in our grammar time. Students will also have daily cursive practice and free writing time.