Save The Forests

Burkina Faso needs your help now to save their forests

Burkina Faso Needs our help NOW!

Burkina Faso is losing forests every to deforestation at a rate of 110,550 hectares every year. That is 4% of their wooded area. 3/4 of it linked to farming. Southwest savannah forests have lost 60% of their forests. Our solution is to go there and try to teach them better farming habits to prevent deforestation. We will also help the government create some regulations on deforestation. We can also get the citizens there to start buying post consumer products. Lastly we will educate the people there on the effects of deforestation such as soil erosion.

Weiser- Shirley Charities in Burkina Faso

Friday, Dec. 21st 2012 at 3:30am to Monday, April 22nd 2013 at 5:45am

Burkina Faso

More info on villages and cities we will visit will be announced within a few days.

Weiser-Shirley charities

Weiser-Shirley charities are a family owned charity based off of our slogan, " helping the environment is a weiser choice than destroying it." Our Co-Founders, Dr. Lawrence Weiser and Mr. Esteban Shirley, have numerous awards at the environmental charity awards for the past 3,467 years, including 3,467 straight charity of the year awards, over 3,000 Nobel peace prizes, and 30 straight hero of the year awards from CNN. We get our funding from patriots superstar, Stevan Ridley.

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