Diana Nyad

Presenter :Ben Elisha

When Diana Nyad reached the age of 60 she knew it was time to achieve her dream. It wasn’t about athletic accomplishments, and not about ego, it was about going on a journey. Diana believes that life is a journey and its not about the destination.

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Diana swam a 53 hour swim in the Atlantic Ocean -from Cuba to Florida. This was not an easy journey and it was not the first time she tried it. It was the fifth try and this time she refused to give up.

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The journey was extremely difficult and dangerous - sharks, jellyfish and the currents, everything in the ocean is just unpredictable. Diana almost died from the jellyfish poison but even that did not stop her.

Diana set out on her journey together with a team: boats with people who were with her and helped her mentally when she felt she couldn’t do it anymore and physically when she needed medical help. Bonnie, her friend , never stopped believing in Diana and she said that if Diana was going to do it, she wanted to be there with her.
Diana Nyad Arrives in Key West After 111-Mile Swim From Cuba

Diana believes that the most important thing in life is to always find a way -if you have a dream , there will be obstacles in front of you but if you have faith you will manage.

In her journey, Diana heard songs again and again especially John Lennon’s Imagine. The words that you can hear now “You may say I’m a dreamer” played in her ears again and again…

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Diana hopes that people will always remember 3 important things:

1. Never ever give up!

2. You can chase your dreams at any age (she did it at the age of 64).

3. When you achieve your goal, the most important thing is not what you achieve, but what you have become.