Please Stop Laughing At Me...

One true story about a girl getting bullied


Please stop laughing at me..., is about a girl named Jodee Blanco who was bullied through most of her school experience. It all started when she started helping the mentally challenged at her school, her friends said that if she help the "retards" then she wouldn't be able to hangout out with them. Then she transferred out of that school and went to a new one she got new friends. But one day she get invited to a party and they do stuff that they're not supposed to be doing, she calls her mom and everyone get in trouble "Mom,what one couple is doing in the closet- it will make me turn red if I even talk about it"(pg.60). Finally for her high school year people being to beat her up and make fun of her because they thinks it funny.

About the character

She becomes depressed and angry once her classmates keep bullying her. She is also getting very revengeful. And want pay back for everyone who hurt it. In please stop laughing at me Jodee say, "I'm going to cut out Dara's heart, and the hearts if everyone else who's hurt me, I want to kill them like they're killing me"(pg.164).


Jodee conflict is charterer vs charterer. Her classmates and her former friends make fun of her and beat her up no matter what she does. In please stop laughing me... "four of the boys restrained me two of them forced open my jaw and other began shoving fistful of snow into my mouth (pg.119).
Jodee Blanco gives presentation on bullying at Onekama Schools


I think the theme of this book is, just because kids are picking on you doesn't mean you will never amount to anything. And when kids pick on you sometimes it because there scared of something different than themselves

textual evidence

"I slowly open my eyes and smile at my former classmates sitting before me. I can finally forgive them...and myself"(pg.268), I though this was the powerful quote because it showed that no matter what someone does to you, you can always find a way to forgive them and that you have to know it wasn't you fault that they did that to you.

book review

I would give Please stop laughing at me... 5 out of 5 stars because It was a very good book and it touched on a subject everyone should know about. It shows how mean kids could be because there someone different and what they would do because of it. And finally it show that even though she was ridiculed from her school she didn't let that stop her from becoming what she wanted to be.


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