Playtime with the Baby

Appropriate toys for your little one!

What are the "right" Toys to use when Playing with Your Newborn?

  • Unbreakable mirror: Although they won't realize it's themselves they are seeing at this stage, babies find their own reflection fascinating. A mirror stimulates your baby's eye sight when they see their own reflection. It will keep them captivated for a while!
  • Sensory toys: A soft toy that trills or tweets when pressed will please a baby for months to come. The accidental squeaks will also help them become aware of what their hand is doing and also get them used to different sounding objects.
  • Sock and wrist rattles: Attach a soft rattle to your baby's wrist or ankle, or warm their feet with socks that have built-in rattles to provide long moments of entertainment as they experiment with new sounds they can make themselves!
  • Wind chimes: Babies love soft music, so hang a set of these in a place where they can watch it move and listen to the sound. If the chime is near her crib, your baby may fall into the habit of watching it for a few minutes before drifting to sleep. They are calming and a must have for a happy baby!

Look to the Five Senses

Playtime should be focused on stimulating your newborn's senses. Use toys that are soft and contrasting in color. Use toys that stimulate a babies sight, sound, and touch. Rattles, mirrors, and small stuffed animals are a few examples of good toys for your newborn.
Newborn Care: How to Play with Your Newborn

Stephanie H.

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