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Fun Facts

Hawaii's wildlife has whales, seals, turtles, and Dolphins. The state bird is the Hawaiian goose. Their state fish is the rectangular trigger fish. The hump back whale is their marine animal. The most common farm products are banana's, oranges, eggs and pineapples.The candle nut tree is their state tree. Their state flower is the yellow hibiscus. Hawaii's state gem is the black coral gem. Their active volcanoes are the Mauna Loa and the Kilauea volcano. Surfing is Hawaii's state sport. The state dance is the hula. Two of Hawaii's nicknames are Paradise and Aloha state.

Land Forms/Geography

Hawaii is located I in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Hawaii's area is 6,471 square miles. The Hawaiian's island chain from the southeast to northeast is 1,523 miles long. Hawaii is a part of a long string of islands. It is part of a huge group of pacific islands called Polynesia. Hawaii is made up of 132 islets islands! That is a lot! Hawaii's islands are all volcanoes that come up out of the water. There are mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ocean shores in Hawaii!


A lot has happened in Hawaii's past. The first people to come to Hawaii were called Polynesians. The first European to explore Hawaii was James Cook in 1778. James Cook arrived on Kauai Island. In 1810 king Kamehameha was ruler of all islands in Hawaii. In 1852 the first Chinese arrived to work on sugarcane fields. In 1890 Europeans started planting pineapple. In 1893 the Revolution led to the end of the monarchy. Years later, Hawaii became a U.S. state in 1959. It was the last of the 50 states!
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Recreation / Entertainment

Hawaiian people have big feasts. These feasts are called "luaus". They have hula dancing at the luaus. At the luaus they have traditional food and music. Surfing is a popular sport in Hawaii. Canoeing is also popular in Hawaii. They have many lakes, rivers, and oceans witch makes these sports possible.
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