Pumpkin Season Specials

Celebrate Fall at Oasis!

Pumpkin Spa Pedicure - $60

A delicious, fragrant fall treatment! Our Pumpkin Spice Scrub gently removes keratinized dead skin cells and callouses from your feet. Next, our Moisture Mask softens the top layers of skin, leaving it smooth and softening blemishes. To top it all off, your feet are then enveloped in a rich Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream containing shea butter and Vitamins A, C, D and E for softer silkier, smoother skin.
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Pumpkin Spice Body Wrap - $85

A relaxing body treatment rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids and good dose of vitamin E. The Pumpkin Spice Moisture Mask restores the skin’s water-lipid layer and increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cell, neutralizes free radicals, and protects connective tissue.
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Pumpkin Pie Massage Oil - $5

Add pumpkin pie scented massage oil to any massage!
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