Getting Started Día 2

¡Enhorabuena Makayla, Jayna, and Cary!

They attended a Getting Started RLC last night and have gotten that out of the way! Be sure to submit reflection and notes so you get credit. Everyone else, ¡Vámanos! Get your RLC on soon!


This is a short week for many, and a very short week for some, and a final exam week for others. But we need to push through all the Getting Started work no matter what our school schedules. Be sure to attend and RLC this week. Here is help with finding the calendar and logging on:

Attend a Getting Started RLC this week!

Have you downloaded Blackboard IM?

BB IM is the best place to get quick answers to your questions as you work through the course. This is also one of the Getting Started assignments. Be sure to download today!