Mazeus & the Three Children

By: Rylee

Mazeus & the Three Children

Mazeus & the 3 Children

By: Rylee Smith

A long time ago, there lived a strong and brave knight named Cale. He lived in a grand castle that had two princesses in it. They all spent time swimming in their golden pool that had gold water. Their parents were the king and queen of the royal village. The kingdom was called, The Caliki Kingdom. They spent their time in the royal meeting room and practiced their speeches and their posture.
They were very selfish with their money and didn’t like to spend it. Then one day, the three children went out and spent 50 gold coins each. This was VERY unusual of them to do this. Then they all went home carrying gold phonesand silver jackets. When the king and queen saw what they had , they were VERY angry with the children. the children went up to their rooms and didn’t have super.
The next day, they came down for breakfast and their parents didn’t talk to them all morning. The kids went outside and didn’t even swim! Then something appeared in the sky. It’s name was Mazeus. It had snake hair and carried a pitch fork. Mazeus said that he had come to tell the children to put all the stuff back in the stores and if they didn’t, it would cast a spell on them to make the family very poor and not live in a castle. Cale, the knight and the 2 princesses went to their rooms to return all the stuff they bought so that Mazeus didn’t have to cast the spell.