Rights & Responsibilities

These are the 5 most important democratic rights.

The Right For Citizens To Vote

I feel this is one of Canada's most important democratic rights because we as citizens should have the right to decide who we want as our leader to represent us and our country.

The Responsibilities Of Voting Citizens

It's the responsibility of citizens to familiarize them selves with the candidates and issues at hand before voting, along with a few other things such as: knowing where there local polling place is and it's hours, bring proper I.D., Respect the privacy of the other voters, know how to vote, Ask questions if needed and make sure the ballet is completed correctly before leaving.

The Right of Children

This right is possibly the most important because this right basically protects children and gives them the right to life, a name, nationality, to know/be cared for by it's parents or legal guardians, Not to be subject to exploitative practices, neither to be required nor permitted to perform work which may be hazardous or harmful to his or her education, health or well-being and to be free of any corporal punishment or cruel and inhumane in school and other institutions responsible for the care of children.
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Responsibility of taking care of children

It's the responsibility of the legal guardians or parents of the child to take of them and make sure they get every thing they need until they are 18 and old enough to care for them selves.

The Right of Equality

Every individual has the right of equality because in a democratic country/environment every one is equal no matter race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference. No one is above the law in any way.
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Responsibilty of Equality

It falls on the citizens to treat others equally and with respect and not discriminate or hate other people because of their ethnicity, religion, or any thing else that would be considered offensive to the other person

The Right of Freedom

This is the most important right in a democratic country I feel because it gives citizens the freedom of conscience and religion, thought, belief, opinion, expression and of the press. It also allows for Canadian citizens the right to come and go from Canada any time they please.
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Responsibility of Democratic Freedom

Citizens are responsible for their own freedom and not to misuse or take advantage of this right and turn into something horrible and harm others around them

Democratic Legal Rights

Legal rights consists of the right to be arrested/imprisoned after they have been given the rightful reason why. And not to be deprived of the principles of fundamental justice, or arbitrarily detained or imprisoned. Every one also has the right not to be subjected to any cruel or unusual punishment.
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Responsibilty of Democratic Legal Rights

The responsibility of our legal rights is in the hands of the government, courts, and police officers and it's up to them to uphold justice and the law. So if they were to abuse this power our democracy can quickly turn into anarchy with violent riots and fights.