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This week: Heading back to school with organization in mind

After a season away from the classroom, many of us are brimming with ideas and plans for a new school year. Start the learning year off by setting up a few simple productivity tools; each listed below can be operational for you and your students in under 15 minutes. Investing time now will save you photocopying notices, bookmarking websites on student machines and tracking down little yellow notes that have fallen off your "to do" list -- and give you more time to enjoy your new community of learners!
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With a website & multiplatform apps, Remind is a communication tool that has endless uses. Schedule project updates in the dashboard & keep a record of who receives each message. Build & maintain relationships with families beyond the classroom.

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Symbaloo EDU

Organize digital resources in a single location and share with your students using Symbaloo. Teachers create a webmix of favorite sites that students can access by computer, tablet or smartphone - you can even embed your collection on your website!

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If you find your desktop covered with physical and digital stickie notes, Padlet is the tool for you. Devote a Padlet to lesson ideas, articles for colleagues or websites for students. Create another and share to facilitate class discussions.