communicating has never been so easy!

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What is e-mail?

E-mail is electronic mail that is sent and received through a computer network. It makes is fast and easy to communicate with co-workers, family, and friends.

How does e-maid aid in the movement of people, things, and ideas?

1. Communicating has never been faster. Instead of having to wait days to receive mail, e-mail is in your inbox in a matter of seconds.

2. Unlike traditional mail, e-mail allows you to send just one copy out to multiple people without having to rewrite anything.

3. E-mails allow you to share media, such as videos, by just attaching it to the document.

4. With e-mail, people can send you surveys that you can fill out right on the document. This makes it a fast and easy way to respond.

5. If someone sends you an e-mail and you would like others to see it all you have to do is forward it to them. Mail has never been relayed so quick.