Communication & Familiarity

Station :

Familiarity is important so that miscommunications and misconceptions do not occur during transitions from one station to another.

Teachers can avoid miscommunication by using planning time effectively and ensuring teachers understand all concepts that are to be presented throughout the class.


Communication is key because the two groups are completing different tasks but aiming towards the same goals.

Familiarity is important where the two teachers both are on the same page with the same curriculum.

Teachers are working with two different groups of students working on different tasks but the teachers are to make sure that all students have met the same goal by the end of the lesson. Teachers can ensure this by communicating prior to the lesson being taught to make sure they are on the same page for reaching a common goal.

One teach, One assist

Being familiar with the curriculum that is being presented by the general education teacher.

The co-taught must be prepared and attentive about the curriculum to be able give students crucial insight.