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Welcome to the first issue of the Online College. This is going to be released on a monthly basis and we're going to showcase the latest training that we've done, Point you to handy guides and courses which can help your eLearning as well as tips and tricks to using technology in the classroom.

In this Month's Issue

Getting Students on Google

Students are missing out lots of useful applications by not having their College Google account. If you make sure your students follow the short steps below, they'll have access to free versions of a word processor, a spreadsheet application and a presentation app like powerpoint. They will also have unlimited cloud storage to keep all their college work. Added to that they will have access to Google Classroom which is a streamlined VLE which in some cases is a better option than moodle.

Follow these 4 steps.

  1. If possible get your students to access the internet on Google Chrome. Most college computers now have Chrome installed on it.
  2. Get them to change their password. They can do this by going to
  3. Send them to It will ask them to login. Type in their college username and the new password.
  4. Start using Google Apps.

About the Online College

The Online college team is here to help you will all your eLearning needs. We specialise in Google and Moodle, but are able to train you on many different things around technology use in the classroom.
The New Online College

2 Minute Tip

Do you have documents which a few people in your team need to work on together? Don't keep emailing it between yourself. Use Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and then share the document between you all. Then you can all work on and edit the same document at the same time. Learn how to set up document sharing here.

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Webinar Wednesdays

After the February half term break, each Wednesday we are going to be doing a 20-30 minute webinar based around a piece of technology or a process that you might find useful. You can watch these simply by logging onto youtube at the link which will be sent out nearer the time.

The first of these webinars will walk you through how to set up your Moodle course to accept student work and it will be on 17th February. Look out for the link in your mailbox or on the Online College Communities.

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