Team News 4.20.2020

Daring Greatly in Faith, Academics, & Service for SMCS

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It's still Easter, Y'all.


I don't know about you, but after our Team Zoom on Friday and Governor Abbott's orders, the reality really hit. Yes, our building remains closed for the Academic Year and most likely the Summer; however, our learning will still go on.

That being said, take time to feel whatever it is you are feeling.

  • For some, nothing might have changed in your psyche, that's ok.
  • For some, you might feel more down, that's ok.
  • For some, you might feel relief about not going back when health and safety are still so unknown, that's ok.
  • For some, you might not even have time to know how you feel, that's ok.

What I am saying is that it's ok to feel what you are feeling and to give yourself permission to grieve, sigh, share joy, yell, pray or whatever it is you need.

If you find you get stuck with the glass half empty in greater amounts than it is full over long periods of time, please reach out. If you find the glass more full than empty, please share so we can share in your joy.

What hasn't changed: we are in this together.

Please, please read the Dragon Roar. I went ahead with some teachers' blessings, created some May events now that we know we are online. I need your help! See below for the events coming our way. The goal is to keep SIMPLE while also bringing us together.

Team Professional Learning Committee Time

Tuesday, April 21st, 12-1pm


  • PRAY
  • Discuss your greatest challenge in remote learning.
  • Discuss how you are getting ahold of families that have gone MIA.


  • Get volunteers for school community events in May.
  • Title funds and spending the $$.

Share: Multifaceted Lessons and Higher Level Student Products---How are you teaching? How are students producing and showing understanding?

Title Monies Wish List

Mrs. Cortez will be emailing you a list to choose resources for our Title 4 funds---monies directly for resources for kids.

Please pay attention to the deadline and return ASAP.

Reminders and Updates

  • Focus this week: Attend an Arch Teacher Zoom for teacher collaboration.

  • ALL Is anyone still missing from your class? Call them immediately and let me and Regina by Wednesday.

  • Team Zoom this Week: Just Tuesday in your Cluster, NO FRIDAY ALL TEAM MEETING, Please start at 12:00PM
  • PK3 to 2nd Grade with Allison setting up , ELECTIVES JOIN, and Regina joining
  • 3rd to 8th Grade and Moncrief with Blanca setting up and Abby joining.

  • No Classes on Friday! Please, Jump into our morning announcements at 8:45AM with your best fiesta gear if you can!!! The rest of the day is yours for self care. If you need a great drive, I highly recommend the Willow City Loop. STUNNING. Full of TX flowers and loose livestock.

  • NEED YOUR PICTURES: Please send me at least 1 picture you LOVE from your google classroom assignments to share here and in the Roar. If you don't know how to retrieve it from your classroom, just email what assignment and what kid to look at and I will get it.

  • TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS: Your login email should have been sent to you from TPT or will be coming stat. Let us know on Tuesday if you haven't gotten it. Use it. Love it!

ALL: Please complete Address form by end of day tomorrow.

Arch Master Teacher Zoom Schedule

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This Week's Scheduled Interruptions

  • Cluster Zoom Meeting. PK to 2nd, Electives get code from Allison, 3rd to 8th + Moncrief get code from Blanca, Be sure to discuss Agenda above.


  • All school lunch hour 12PM to 1PM on Ms. Salazar's Zoom. I need a special guest. Any of yall got someone cool we could pull in for Earth Day?


  • 5:30PM, 8th Grade Graduation Planning Meeting, MS teachers (electives optional and encouraged--the families will love seeing you there), Mrs. Moncrief, Regina, Abby


  • 8:45 AM All School Announcements---Dress in your FIESTA gear!
  • 3rd Grade is on deck to lead Friday Mass. Send me some prayer intentions from them so Fr. Thumma can share at Mass on Friday.
  • No team meeting. No Online Classes. Team unplug and self care day.
  • Week at a Glance AND parent email due by 8PM, email to Regina and Abby.
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From our parents...I appreciate....

May and June Virtual Events

I am getting parent volunteers to support each of these as well!

Week 1--Teacher Appreciation Week *Y'all do nothing, but be appreciated*

Week 2-Digital School Spirit Week *Need at least 2 teacher volunteers*

Week 3--Virtual Talent Show *Lead by Ms. Torres, need at least 2 teachers to support tech set up, student sign ups, communications and promotion*

Week 4--May 27, 8th Grade Virtual Graduation Prayer Service and Ceremony. Invite all of your kids. Will get you time after our planning meeting on Thursday. Include in your weekly newsletter.

1st Week of June:

  • PreKinder and Kinder Graduations, June 1
  • All Classrooms Superlative Award Ceremonies, June 2
  • ALL SCHOOL Award Ceremony and Digital Fiesta, June 2

Looking Ahead

Next All Team Meeting: Setting Up Progress Reports and Family Conferences

Friday, May 1st, 12pm

This is an online event.

Goal is for our online learning Progress Reports to go out on May 8. Details to follow. We will keep it VERY SIMPLE.

Resources for your Classrooms

Padlets of Teaching Lesson Plan Ideas

Teachers using Google Classroom

Cool facebook group to join that has awesome resources and ideas for your google classroom!

Rest of Year Mass Information

April 23 3rd grade (Fiesta Field Day )

May 1 Middle School

May 8 2nd grade

May 15 1st grade

May 21 Middle School

*The Ascension of Jesus

May 27 8th grade Graduation Mass

Jun 2 Administrators/Faculty/Staff, End of the School Year Mass

Jun 3: 8:15 AM, Staff Mass and End of year Blessing with Fr. Thumma

UPDATED: Grading Deadlines

Progress Report Quarter 4: Progress Report due by Friday, May 8

8th Grade Report Card: Grades complete by May 22.

Kinder to 7th Grade: Take grades and complete until May 29.

Details on the HOW to follow. We will make it as LOW stress as possible.

When you're HERE at a ZERO, Call one of US!!

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