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Team Blessed Director

As of May, I have officially been promoted as your Team Blessed Director. Now you are currently a part of 3 lineages:

Team Blessed- Your Director and your upline Meagan Seymour (about 13ish active/inactive women)

Team RED- My upline Director Tarryn Batton (about 30ish women)

Team Faith- Our national upline with NED Tricia Edmundson

Make sure you are on the Fb group for all these team pages. If not, please reach out to your sponsor and request addition.

National Conference

Have you registered for conference yet? Did you know that even though we are past the Early Bird registration date, if you are in your Startswell earning period and have earned ANY level, that you can still register for just $99?!?!??! Check it out!

I would highly recommend all of you making it your best effort to attend. This opportunity will give you the excitement and skills needed to grow your business. Want to get excited about Thirty-One again? Want to figure out how to sell, book, and recruit successfully through the fall? Then PLEASE! Join me in Ohio! If those dates don't work for you, head to Denver! Get all info here.

If you are attending, be looking for news on Team Faith regarding Team Faith shirts. This will probably roll out in June sometime.

Summer Bookings

Wondering how you are going to fill your summer with parties? If you aren't partying, won't get a paycheck and will miss making those personal connections with new people, so keep your calendar full! Here are some ideas on how to do that:

1. Make SURE you offer the party styles you are comfortable with. People won't readily even think about a party on-the-go if they meet you at an event or home party. Make sure to offer the various party styles so that there are party options.

2. Put some urgency into your talk! Make sure you mention that the Stand Tall Insert (May) and the All-In Tote (June) are NOT in the regular catalog and only available during specific months. People love exclusive offers, so play this up to help you!

3. Work that Style Setter to book. Since released, every single one of my hostesses have purchased.

4. Summer is prime time for Theme Parties. Play up the beach/pool/lazy days theme and make it fun and interactive. There are all kinds of summer ideas, bingo nights, fundraiser ideas on the various K group pages and Team Faith page.

5. If you want to participate in the Ronald McDonald Fundraiser that I have been working on with Melissa Mercer, then I'd love to have you! This could benefit the House in Durham, get some additional summer sales for you, and allow us the chance to work together as a team. Contact me for details. I'm grateful I've been able to work with Melissa on this already.

Team Blessed Contact Info

If you have not filled out this demographic informational survey since you've signed up, please take a moment to do so now. It's here in the newsletter below but can also be found at this link:

Meagan Seymour, Independent Thirty-One Director

Please feel free to contact me whenever necessary for help. As our team continues to grow, my time will be more spread out amongst all members, but I desire to help each one of you reach your goals. I am here for you!