Doctors without Borders or MSF

and their efforts against Ebola

What is their mission?

Doctors Without Borders' mission is to help those most in need of medical care no matter what the location is. However their current biggest project is Ebola in the Liberia arae.

How much money actually goes to the cause?

87 cents of every dollar goes to the Doctors Without Borders' fight against ebola.

What is their main form of fundraising?

Doctors without Borders' fundraising comes primarily from donation.


Doctors without borders collects cookies from your computer and then delivers ads to your google searches. Also doctors without borders comes out on the news very often .

How do they help?

The prominent way that Doctors Without Borders gives help is by sending their staff and also hiring local staff.

When did they start?

how old is you company, about 43 years.

People who care?

people who care about ebola enough to try to help others or donate most likely have: had a dangerous disease, or someone close to them has.

Main use of info and appeal?

The main type of info on the Doctors Without Borders is statistics, which is followed by Logos appeal.

Are they a good non profit to donate to?

According to charity, Doctors without borders is has the highest rating for financial score as well as accountability and transparency, making it a perfect 4.

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