Great Independence

The Basics

Uruguay is located in South America and borders the South Atlantic Ocean. It's between Argentina and Brazil.

The weather is warm and mild with freezing temperatures almost unheard of and the whole country is considered to be in a temperate zone.

Grass and farmland cover most of the surface and the Rio Negro river runs all the way through it.

How to Fit in

Languages consist of a variety of Spanish dialect such as Rioplatense or Platellano.

In Uruguay there is little to no ethnic tension. Also citizens find education important and just about everyone is educated. Also people get married here as young as 15! Most families can be categorized as nuclear, which means one or two children with grandparents involved.

What you should not do here is give the OK symbol, this is a very rude gesture.

One of Uruguayans main values is independence, which is what the sky blue color on the flag stands for. Soccer is also taken very serious here. A couple of the most attractive values of Uruguayans is that they are among the highest literacy rates in the world and they have the freest labor conditions in South America!

Digging Deeper

The main minority groups are Africans and mestizos. 90% of the population are from Europe or European decent. 4% are Africans and 6% are natives.

Some people live in ranchos or adobe houses. Their main food item is Beef and they also enjoy many other meats.

People here enjoy golf tournaments and film festivals.

Women here have equal rights but aren't quite equal in society yet.

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