Portable and Versatile Smartphone-based Gel Doc System


Small Footprint with 10 x 10 cm Viewing Area

Three Models of the Light Stand to Choose from:

-Epi Blue Light for DNA/Protein Fluorescent Gel Imaging;

-RGB Plate for Multiplex Fluorescent Gel/Blot Imaging;

-White light plate for Colorimetric Gel Imaging, Colony Plate Imaging and more.

Adjustable Epi Blue Light for Better Lighting Control

Filter Adaptor fits most Smartphones/Tablets (Android OS)

Includes an Intuitive Image Acquisition/Editing App

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The GelCAP takes advantage of the high resolutions of the cameras and the computing power of today’s smartphones to quickly acquire quality images of your gels or blots for your records and subsequent analysis. Three different models of the light box are available to meet the needs of most colorimetric, fluorescent gel/blot, and colony plate imaging. Even the multiplex fluorescent gel/blot imaging can be done with the GelCAP Trio model, which comes equipped with our patented RGB light plate. Using the provided intuitive app, images can be previewed, edited, shared and printed using data sharing and cloud printing apps on a smartphone/tablet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data transfer.