Required Functions

  • Must be able to plan a schedule for 10 employees
  • Must be able to organize plans to make them more effective
  • Must be able to implement plans so they work effectively
  • Must be able to control by evaluating results to make sure plans are effective

Preferred Management Theory

We would prefer to have a manager that follows the Quality Theory because our goal is to do our jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal errors.


  • Communicator - We would like someone that is able to handle private information and to pass it on the the employees that it concerns.
  • Relationship Builder - We would like someone that builds relationships with their coworkers and if polite and friendly.
  • Decision Maker - We are looking for someone that is capable of making decisions that will effect the company positively.


  • We would like someone between the age of 18 and 30
  • Someone that can manage money well
  • Must be able to manage drive thru, lobby, kitchen, dining room
  • Cleaning supplies, grill, fryer,ingredients
  • Food, napkins, plates, trays

Management Principles

  • Training
  • Participation
  • Commitment