Creative Logistics

Helping small business & individuals explore the internet

Small business

Wanting to jump onto the Social Media scene? Don't have a lot of experience with the internet? Need someone that has experience, is reliable, and enjoys what she does? Contact me and let's see what we can create.

Bringing your business to your Internet audience

Social Media Marketing and Website Design

Need someone to assist with your website or FB business page? Don't have time to do it yourself? Looking for the "HELP" button? You just found it!

I am your HELP! button

IT literate, Efficient, Self-Motivated and Organized. Please, expect all four from me and more. Today's world is focused around the computer. I have been playing around with my personal computers/internet access and others' since 1997. So I am very familiar with software and what the internet is capable of doing in helping you personally (communication with loved ones) or in your business (setting up and /or being an admin for your website or FB business page). I enjoy helping small businesses and individuals with my knowledge and experience. Initially, I do an assessment and give you some pointers. I also give you what answers I determine for moving forward. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Individual Assistance One-on-One help

Looking to communicate more with family and faraway friends? Wanting to share photos? Have a desire to learn the basics of that computer in front of you? There is a percentage of people age 30+, that really have no interest in a computer, however these computers are the "new" phone in many lives. I can teach you how to Skype, use Facebook and upload pictures if you want to share them. One-on-One is the easiest way to do that, while giving us the opportunity to answer all your questions in such a way that you will feel like a Pro in no time. Contact me and let's see what I can do to HELP! you.