Beware of Phishing

Read to educate and protect yourself against phishing.

The Dangers of Phishing.

Phishing is the act of one person attempting to rob another person of important private information. This flyer's purpose is to assist people in taking the extra step to protecting their information.

What to be on the lookout for.

Make sure you look in depth for these things:

Incorrect spelling of words are an indication of phishing. "Dear Valued Customer", if you are a valued customer to them, they will know your name. If it tries to send you to a link don't click it, better safe than sorry.

This flyer is meant to help people protect their personal information from scammers & phishers.

E-Safe: Phishing Emails - A Cartoon Short About The Dangers Of Phishing Emails

In Conclusion...

This concludes this flyer. I hope this has been instructional and informational in the dangers of Phishing! Beware of Phishing!