Utah Business Lawyer

Utah Business Lawyer

Business Lawyer Before Starting Your Own Company

Unfortunately, attorneys sometimes get a bad reputation. Perhaps it is because most people do not seek the advice of counsel until after they have been sued, arrested, or served with divorce papers. However, there are a number of circumstances in which consulting with an attorney can save you time, money, and the frustration of litigation. If you are considering starting your own company, hiring a business lawyer and maintaining a good relationship with him or her can help you with the planning stages and growth of your enterprise.

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If you are starting your own company, there is a good chance you consider yourself an expert in the product or service you are selling. On the other hand, your knowledge of the tax implications of a limited liability company versus a partnership, the hiring and firing of employees, and state registration requirements might be limited. This is where hiring an attorney familiar with commercial issues comes in handy.

He or she can advise you on which type of business entity is best for your company and the ways in which each can shield your assets from litigation. Counsel can also review employment applications or employee manuals to make sure that they do not include any discriminatory or problematic language. They can provide guidance on contracts, collection of accounts receivables, and defenses against claimed breaches of contract.

Because you will rely on your business lawyer to protect your company, it is important that you hire someone you can trust. After all, you may be sharing a lot of sensitive information with him or her. There are a number of ways in which you can find out about counsel in your area. Ask your friends, family, and fellow entrepreneurs for recommendations. You may also contact your state or local bar association to ask about members whose practice focuses on relevant areas.

Once you are able to come up with a list of potential attorneys, find out about their representative clients. Check to see whether they represent organizations like yours, or any competitors. You should also conduct an Internet search to find out about cases they have handled or news articles that shed some light on their experience or reputation. It is also good idea to look for a business lawyer familiar with the community in which you plan to operate.

Your attorney can assist you in obtaining any necessary state or local licenses and make sure that you are in compliance with various codes. Someone who handles these matters regularly may have some insider knowledge on how to deal with bureaucracy. After you are satisfied that you have collected enough background information, schedule an appointment for a face-to-face meeting with a prospective business lawyer. You should discuss their experience and fee arrangement. Of course, you should ask any questions you have and get a feel for whether you would get along with the attorney.

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