Week 2 Reflection

Action Plan - Update

Week 2 Aims

Our aims for week 2 were:

  • Decide on three plot ideas
  • Analyse our three plot ideas for positives and negatives, and decide which one is best
  • Conduct research into target audience (BBFC certification research)
  • Complete a textual analysis on three already existing films

Week 2 Achievements

We came up with three potential plot ideas, and designed a mind map to analyse the positives and negatives of each. We then used that to determine which plot idea we're going to use for our opening scene. We conducted detailed research into the BBFC and the various certifications of films, and then used this to decide on our own certification of our opening scene which is going to be a 12. This also helped us establish our target audience, which is children/young teenagers. We continued with our textual analysis on Sherlock Holmes and made progress, but it is still currently incomplete.

Updated Week 3 Aims

We now need to add the completion of all three textual analysis's onto the existing aims for week three.