by jasnam

where do they live in

Most of mammals live on dry land. They live throughout the world. some burrow in desert sand, some swing through tropical trees, some live in forests, some in mountains.Several species that live in the waters (e.g. whales) resemble more fishes then other mammals.

What types of ecosystem do they live in

Mammals live all over the world they live in rainforest, Mounties , ocean and zoos

What are some of there physical attributes

All mammals: Are vertebrates (which means they have a backbone or spine). Are endothermic. Also known as “warm-blooded,” endothermic animals regulate their own body temperate which allows them to live in almost every climate on Earth.

What are there typical eating habits

Mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates whose bodies are covered in hair or fur. Female mammals have mammary glands that secrete milk for their young, and almost all give birth to live young. This class of animals includes about 5000 species, ranging from rhinos to wolves to sloths to humans to whales. Mammals are quite diverse in their feeding habits.

What do they like to eat

Meat-eaters include cats, hyenas, and dogs. Shrews and hedgehogs eat insects. Plant-eaters include hoofed animals such as horses and deer, and also rabbits and rodents. Some mammals are omnivores, eating both plants and meat.

Are they social creatures or like to travel alone

Some mammals travel alone and some other mammals travel social creatures.

Why are the animals in these groups categorized together

Mammals are the most intelligent creatures on the earth. They lean to adapt to many different climates and living conditions. Some mammals are tame, some are wild, some are very large and some are small.

What are their similarities and differnces

- They have fur or hair

- They have backbones

- They are warm blooded

-Most of the mammals are born alive.

They also have a middle ear and a ear a jaw made from a single bone

Mammals give birth to

- Mammals that can produce body heat