Working in theater

By: Jade Calvert

Are you wanting to be an actor or an actress? Read on!!

Everyday actors practice to be able to preform in front of a live audience, on camera, or both. And when the day comes where they have to preform they are prepared.

Working conditions

Speaking in front of large audiences, ovoid mistakes, and work evenings and weekends. Also working close to other actors, often within inches between each other.

Frequently asked questions

What is their yearly wages?

There is no real estimate of the yearly wages because it is due to how many shows/ movies you do.

What preparations should I do?

There are many preparations you can do but some of the best ones are one-on-one training, having a high school diploma, and long term training.

Important skill I need to have.

5 Important skills you should have is problem solving, communication, manages oneself, work well with people, and lastly speak well.

What classes would help me with acting?

Some classes that can help you with acting is drama, stagecraft, into business, and accounting.

Daily Activity's

In acting you have to portray characters and often change your look to match that character.