Marcus Matters

May 2, 2016

STAAR and AP Exams!

This week is a time for all your hard work to shine through your students. Thank you for all you have done this year to build their knowledge and confidence. Let's all celebrate this opportunity for our students to shine!

Biggest Loser: The Sequel

The final weigh in is on Tuesday. The winners will be announced, and all the losers will be celebrated. This gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. The best week ever!
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2016 Congressional Art Winner

Congratulations to Megan Adams!

Do we believe it is possible?

Whatever we are trying to accomplish, do we truly believe we can do it? For instance, every student has potential to be successful? Every student can pass my class? Every student can be a productive citizen? Every student can be respectful and kind? Do we truly believe it is possible?

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank you all for educating our students at Marcus High School. I would hope that every week at Marcus would feel like Teacher Appreciation Week!