Charlotte's Web Day

May 13

Maker Faire

Computer Lab (Peg the Pig) , Porter's Room (Bingo), Music Room Spider Hangman (Word Scramble), or Cafeteria (Tic Tac Toe) and Lego Mania in all rooms.

If you are participating in one of these rooms, you have 30 minutes to play Lego Mania and one other County Fair type activity. You can split your class up and allow them to play the game, while others play with Lego bricks. There are bookmarks in random places for students to pick up.

Pig Exhibition -Please bring an ipad.

Students will watch a short video depicting baby piglets in everyday situation with pets and everyday people. Using your class ipad, teach students how to make take a selfie with the wall hangings.

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Photo Booth

There are props in each photo booth. Students will choose a prop and take a class photo. We will take several photos so that we can print the best one. We will surprise the students with a printed photo on the last day of school.

Petting Zoo

We will announce where this is being set up. Please talk to your students about being kind to the animals.

Lunch/Planning (Please go to the room you were assigned on the schedule.)

Lunch and Planning is on your own. Please sign out if you leave the building just in case we need to find you for some reason. Enjoy.

Lunch with your Students

The cafeteria lunches will be served on the carts in their usual places that students are served breakfast. You are welcomed to go to recess before lunch or after. You have 30 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes for recess.