Finest Steel

By Virgil Young

My Journey

This is a memory page that I am creating. As I am getting older...moving on from high school and moving on to college, old memories gets replaced by the new. This is a way which I can leave what and who I want to remember the most for now, and comeback to it later in life to reminisce.
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The Beginning

First game as a Scout, sweat dripping, heavy breathing, tied 0-0

I takes the ball, scanning for anything promising

A Titan, flying in and trying to take me down

I hurt my wrist...

off to the sideline

to the trainers

to the ER

at home

with a broken wrist

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Summer day

Thinking Back on this

My life has a special little twist

meeting my best friend

who literally became my twin

Being such a great brother

from another colored mother

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Fighting 18

One dominant bonded squad, "the fighting 18", finished the season shattering expectations

Crushing Stevenson

Squeaking past warren

Smoking Libertyville

Making a name

Installing FEAR

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Till the end of time you'll always have my heart every single little part filled with blackness or red full of love you'll always be the best part

Till the end of time we'll always have each other, texting and comforting one another, days and nights I'll always make you smile oh that beautiful smile I love to see always reminding me that love is me

Till the end of time we'll never split apart we get over all the scandals and broken hearts Till the end of time we'll always have one another

Till the end of time I'll always love you

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Sorry for my behavior lately

When it's all said and done

My high school season was over too soon, from my sophomore year

to the very first game i playing in Scouts colors

to taking over my starting Cornerback position

to becoming one of the most feared conference in my conference

to now

Now... I am being recruited to play at the next level and it's exhausting