All About Me

By:Ryan Yang


I am the oldest in my family. I was born in Sacramento, California on March 27, 2000. I like soccer and basketball and football. I play soccer and sometimes basketball and football. I don't watch soccer or basketball or football, but my dad watches football and one of his favorite team is the Packers too.

My Family

I have two brothers and two sisters. Their names are Cloie, Jennifer, Josh, and Jason. Cloie is in 6th grade. Jennifer is in 4th grade. Josh is in 3rd. Last but not least is Jason and he is in 1st grade. I also have cousins here in Marshall too. I have 6 cousins here and 4 siblings and I am the oldest so at the end of school I pick them up and we all walk home together. In my Family I have lots of responsibility.