How to find Festivals, Fairs,

Events, Expos and Shows

Hi Everyone

Hi wanted to send an email to Team Patton with some helpful tips for finding events. Also, there are three videos to watch. Two videos are about Packing for Your Event. The third video is AWESOME! You must watch it. You will determine what events to do, if it is worth it, how much you should spend to set up, how much inventory you should have and much much more. Start booking events in your area.

Many shows are going to be CHEAP too. Just because they are bigger, does not mean they are better. Talk with your MENTOR to figure out if the events have the right stuff.

ALSO, be sure to watch this third video, "To do or not to do an event or expo!" We asked some of the TOP LEADERS in this company what criteria they use to find events.

NOTE: You are not allowed to sign up for any events until you are OFFICIAL.

You will need a form of payment acceptance for your cell phone or ipad such as PayAnywhere, PayPal or Square. I personally use the Square card and love it.

Origami Owl recommends the PayAnywhere card and we have a dedicated customer service number for us to call them.


Under Resources:

Posters & Banners

Event Materials- o2 BootCamp slide show to watch for events, Event Form Notification to send in to get approval to do the event, Customer Information Sheet to use for Free Drawings and to get their infor to put on your emails and newsletters, Email Sign up Sheet.

Business Material-Career Path

**You will want to have some Recruiting Packets and Hostess Packets available at all events.

**You can upload Rack Cards and print at Vista Print to give out cheaper than giving out lots of catalogs. Some Rack Cards have already been made by other designers and approved by our marketing department. You can find those on facebook groups. You do not have to approve it again if all your are changing is your Contact Info. Anything that is made and used to promote Origami Owl with their Owl Logo, Origami Owl name, etc has to be approved by the marketing department.

You can purchase a laminator at Walmart for around $20 and laminate some catalogs to use at your events to save money.

You can use your Owl or a Draw For A Free Prize Box to get customers information on little customer info slips.

Where to Look

Become a member of Facebook Groups for a specific state expo, event, show, etc.

Be in a Moms Group.

Look in your Electric Company and Telephone Company Newsletters and Magazines

Ask other vendors at events where they will be setting up next!!


Chamber of Commerce--just call you do not have to be a member.

Car Shows

Ladies Events

Church Events


Ball Teams

Art Fair

Music Fesitvals

Craft Shows

2013 or 2014 Fairs Events Expos Festivals

School Fairs



Sports Tournaments

Concerts in the Park

Ask your Family & Friends about events they have been to in the past year

Girls Events


OnLine Websites--You may need to pay a fee for some of these sites..but you can jot down some basic info then google to find out more information and contact them.

Key Words

Google and search on Facebook your town, Fair, Craft, Expo, Events, Festivals, Holiday, Bazaar, Shows, Fundraisers,Christmas, Shop, Splendor,Santa, Fair Festival Schedule, Weekend Events, Things to Do, Vendor Application, Spring Festivals, Winter Festivals, Fall Festivals, Event Calendar, Upcoming Events

Local Beauty Shops, Nail Salons and new offices that open.

Search this phrase in Google

how do i find festivals and events in my area


2013 or 2014 Fairs Events Expos Festivals

or search City Of ____, example

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