The Lost Hero

Written By: Rick riordan

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Book Review.

Rick Riordan has truly outdone himself, when it comes to The Lost Hero; not only has he included all of the characters from his previous series (the Lighting Thief series), he has also thrown in several more. The book has the perfect amounts of suspense, tragic death, young love, action, and comedic relief scattered everywhere throughout the book in perfect harmony, and even though it is an action book it also has a great sense of mystery regarding Jason's hazy past and where he will end up without his memories. Being a fanatic of Greek mythology and all five books of the previous Percy Jackson series has definitely influenced my decision on choosing The Lost Hero as my all time favorite book. The opener to the Heroes of Olympus series instantly roped me in due to the fact that it is the start of the sequel to my previous favorite series (The Lightning Thief series), but after reading on I realized that even if I had not read the Percy Jackson series I still would have thoroughly enjoyed this Masterpiece. No matter how many times I have read this book I will always pick it up again catching small details and subliminal messages that I may have missed in the last time I had read it. I will forever recommend this book to anyone that enjoys Greek mythology.


"You must forge your own path for it to mean anything.” - Chiron

"I don't choose to be awesome, it just comes naturally"

"Love is powerful, it bring even the gods to their knees"

I chose these quotes for many reasons, but main reason behind quotes 1 and 3 are that not only do they apply in the book, they also apply in real life. Though these characters are fiction i do believe that no matter what problems someone goes through there is always love to help them and not even divine entities can intervene.

Although the second quote has a very different mood than the other two, i still enjoy the fact that Rick Riordan included Leo into the novel to give everything a sense of comic relief regardless of what has happened throughout the story line.