Pennsylvania Abolition Society

By: Alex Adeshigbin


Although the Society wasn't formed until 1775, the first protest was held in 1688 in Germantown where a group of Quakers were protesting slavery. After the society was formed, the first major result of their actions were Vermont becoming the first state to abolish slavery in 1777.


The PAS helps African Americans get an education. It is a difficult task for African Americans to receive an education when most schools don't accept black people. We help them by creating private schools specifically for African American kids. Also, we try to talk to district leaders of other schools to see if they would allow certain students to attend their schools. We think it's important for everyone to get the education they deserve.
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The PAS tries to get African Americans a variety of jobs. We try to get them jobs where they can be hired by other people. These jobs include housework, cooking, farming, or for a family to raise them


The PAS has impacted black communities in a big way. We have made sure that most African Americans found jobs. This helped a lot of poor families earn money to make a living. Also, we have made sure that children can get to education they need. This has made sure that as kids grow up they can go on to do better things with their knowledge.

Take Action

As a member of the PAS you will be able to help us with getting African Americans jobs and an education. As a member you could be a teacher to help the children. Also, you can advocate for African Americans. A lot of people and organizations are against them, you could help by talking to them about treating everyone as equals.
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Job Fair

The Pennsylvania Abolition Society is hosting a job Fair to help African Americans get jobs. This event will represent some of what the PAS believes in. The date, time and location will be decided soon.