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1919 Black Sox Scandal.

The game of baseball is a clean, straight game, right?

Of some fans disappointment and disbelief, the knowledge of the 1919 world series was fixed, with two gamblers to blame. Pointing fingers at ex-major league pitcher William Thomas 'Sleepy Bill' Burns and the gambler with connections Billy Maharg. White Sox Pitcher Ed Cicotte and first baseman Arnold Gandil being the first approached by the idea and to surprisingly come to an agreement, onto pulling the rest of the team into the plan in exchange for money. All in all what was hoped to be a rumor was true! The Chicago White Sox lost the series to the Cincinnati Reds, intentionally. Later being accused, the eight White Sox teammates expecting to be rewarded with money ends up coming out of the courts banned from baseball for life.

The 1919 FIXED World Series.

Chicago Black Sox strikers.

Seems to be Meyer Wolfsheim being a gambler himself being quite an influence in the Black Sox Scandal. Being a man with a greed for money doing the dirty work of pulling some strings himself, turning out successfully for him, not so much for the players involved.