Texas Needs You!

Good Land For Cheap Prices!!!!

Pull Your Strings to Texas!

Why move to Texas? Here are some reasons why...

  1. Only 12 cents per acre! Land allowances are: Men=640 Wife=320 Child=160 Slave=80 (GOOD DEAL!!)
  2. This land is near fresh water which makes it good for farming maze ( corn), fruits, cotton, sugar cans, potatoes, squashes, and lots mere!
  3. Want to trade?...Well you've came to the right place! This land is near the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. Temperate climates for DAILY hunting!!

Requirements For Moving...

Get the great deal while you can!! (Great deals for you and your family!)

  • No Drunks
  • No Gamblers
  • No Bad Language
  • Become Catholic

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