Language Arts Newsletter - Term 3

Lovin' our L.A. Curriculum!

Where We Have Been, Where We Are, and Where We Are Heading!

It is hard to believe that we are now entering Term 3! We have been making great progress in our ELA classroom, recently completing our Traditions Unit and mastering many standards. During Unit 2, students read another Literature Circle Novel, read an abridged version of A Christmas Carol, completed a Literary Analysis Essay, wrote a "Where I'm From" poem, created several technological projects, and continued to build vocabulary skills through our Word Wizard program. We will continue to enrich our skills with Unit 3 as we focus on the theme of Courage by researching courageous people, reading informational texts infused with the theme of courage, and by continuing to build our digital literacy skills needed for 21st-century learners.

Expectations for Term 3

Natural Hazards Unit

Prior to beginning Unit 3 - Courage, we will complete a brief Transdisciplinary Unit about Natural Hazards. Students will use the skills that they have learned in science class in order to write and present an informative speech about the impact of natural hazards.

Courage Unit

During our Courage Unit, we will analyze characters and real people of courage. We will conduct a research project and develop an informational essay. Students will identify examples of true and traditional courage, analyze sensory details, determine different text structures, and will also read a literature circle novel aligning with our courage unit. We will continue our Word Wizard units and will continue to improve our technology skills needed to be a digital literate student. Please be sure to restock your child's pencils, paper, and any other materials.

Contact Information

As always, please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions or concerns.