Conestoga Back-to-School Q & A

Q: Will students be required to attend zoom or other types of virtual meetings at certain times? If so will those meetings happen during the "normal school day"? And what hours will that be? 9-4?

A: Yes - classes will be on zoom. There will be a regular schedule just like being in school on a normal day with sections of synchronous learning.

Q: Will there be band classes for all grade levels this upcoming school year? Can band classes be taught remotely, especially for kids that want to do CDL all year long?

A: Current plans are that we will be having band offerings. They will be very different in a remote learning scenario. We will have more information in the coming day

Q: Is band considered a “high risk class”?

A: Yes, it is classified in that category by the Dept. of Education. We are going to offer band and choir for students but it will certainly not look the same as in other years. We will be practicing safety measures and are working on plans to ensure that both choir and band can happen in a safe way for students and teachers.

Q: Will the same teachers doing the CDL instruction being doing the in-person instruction for the same students? Meaning, if we do the hybrid and it's approved to be in process, will the teachers be handling both the in-person students and the ones doing 100% CDL at the same time or will a separate set of teachers be managing the 100% CDL students so they can address their needs during the day? Also, what will the in-person students be doing while they are at the school? If it's an option to do CDL 100%, what would those students be missing?

A: Teachers in CDL and Hybrid will remain the same. IF/When we return to Hybrid, students CAN remain in distance learning and remain with the same teachers AND still remain in remote learning. While we are in Hybrid learning, students will have two days to connect with teachers while in class. The key to this year will be that all content will be delivered through Canvas. Students will be able to access the content daily as lessons are posted. You are correct in thinking about the fact that access to teachers will be different when we are in Hybrid and CDL.

Q: What is the actual expectation for instructional time vs self directed learning for the virtual classes? I'm worried this will be a repeat of the spring where very little instructional time and kids were left on their own.

A: There will be a balance of about 50% direct instruction from teachers and 50% work time. During work time teachers will be "on-line" so that students are able to ask questions and check for understanding.

Q: How would this ratio compare if there was no pandemic? Ie is the 50/50 ratio compatible with what you would expect a classroom to look like normally?

A: Yes, it would be very similar. In a "non-pandemic setting" it would be a lesson with time to work independently and receive teacher feedback.

Q: What is the plan to continue distance learning if/when hybrid in person learning begins? (ie how will a teacher successfully lead a classroom while at the same time facilitate learning to anyone at home?)

A: If we enter into hybrid learning, you will get to choose if you want to stay in Comprehensive Distance Learning. The delivery of all lessons will go through Canvas.

Q: How much access to the teachers a CDL student would have if/when hybrid teaching starts?

A: All lessons will be posted daily on Canvas. Hybrid students on a M/T setting would meet directly with his/her teachers on Monday and Tuesday. CDL students would access the same content. Teachers would respond to questions as best they can on M/T to those students. Teachers will be more readily available on Wed, Thursday, and Friday. Students will HAVE to stay connected to their Canvas courses each day.

Q: My student still has a Chromebook from last year. If we enroll in FLEX, do we keep that Chromebook? Turn it in?

A: That is a good question, your student will have access to a Chromebook, we are unsure if you will keep the one you have or receive a new one from Flex. That is a question staff from Flex could help you with.

Q: When the student schedule goes out in early September - will we be notified of our cohort. (I.e. Mon/Tues vs Thurs/Fri) are the cohorts determined alphabetically?

A: Attendance Groups (M/T or Th/F) are not alpha. Notification of what Attendance Group you belong to should be indicated in the schedule based on the teachers that your child is assigned to. Remember: In Distance learning, students will attend class daily so the Attendance Group for now is not an issue.

Q: Will subjects such as math have video instruction each day? Also, can you publish an example schedule of what the day might look like? Will Spanish be offered?

A: In our comprehensive distance learning model, a portion of the class will be synchronous. We are still working on a schedule and we will publish it in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, we will not be offering Spanish as a course this year.

Q: My son will be in 6th grade this fall (new to Conestoga). Do we need to apply/enroll to do the CDL/hybrid option?

A: You do not need to apply or enroll, all of our students in the district will begin the school year in CDL.

Q: We have not turned in the chromebook we borrowed from Nancy Ryles last year, can my son still use the same chromebook or is it a new issue since he will be with Conestoga?

A: We will have new Chromebooks for students this fall. We will arrange for a day and time for students to “come” to school in a socially distant manner to turn in old devices and check out brand new ones. We anticipate that this will be during the week of Labor Day. Watch for news as we get closer to that time.

Q: How will choir/advanced choir be run? This seems like a high risk class if done in person at some point. How about in CDL?

A: You are correct that choir has been identified by the OHA as a “high risk” class. In CDL scenario, the risk is eliminated, but the concept of an ensemble singing together in a remote setting is a challenge. Our choral director will work his magic and come up with some creative solutions to the challenge coupled with guidance from the State and OHA.

Q: Will extra synchronous time be given at the beginning of the year to help students form connections with teachers and classmates?

A: Teachers will certainly have to spend time with "relationship based" activities for the entire class. Especially since they will be with this cohort student group for most of the academic day.

Q: Does that mean they will be assigned to one main teacher for the entire year?

A: They will have a team of teachers (4 core teachers plus PE and an elective teachers) and will be with the same students within that cohort for all classes.

Q: Is there going to be any type of "orientation" for incoming 6th graders, even if it's virtually?

A: School will be opening on Sept. 14 and we anticipate the week prior there will be an orientation for all students.

Q: Will the classes be recorded in the event a student is not available at the scheduled time, or would like to review the material?Q:

A: All classes will be posted on Canvas for students to access.

Q: Have instructional hours (i.e., time students will receive teacher led instruction) been established for the middle school age group?

A: Each class will be at least 50% teacher instructed and 50% individual work with the teacher online to help with questions.

Q: Assuming a 50/50 split, how many hours a day (I'm assuming a 5 day week) will the students be expected to be engaged in class activities? Are we talking four or five hours of class work each day?

A: Here is what the state is requiring in a CDL setting, while our schedule is not yet finished, we expect that the time kids will have to work both in-class with direct instruction combined with independent work (applied learning) will surpass these expectations.
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Q: You said students will have 6 classes per day for 30 minutes each and 5 days per week? Will the students then have homework assigned? I’m just wondering about the schedule throughout the day and if there will be long breaks between classes or what it will look like?

A: Not exactly... We are still working on the specifics of the schedule... Classes will be longer than 30 minutes a day for sure. Let’s go with this idea - Say class is 40 minutes in length. In that 40 minute class, teachers will provide “real-time,” synchronous instruction for half of the time and then students would work independently for the other 20 minutes. The teachers will be available to support questions, help kids that are missing concepts, etc... In that sense, the instruction/class period will be very similar to what a class would be like if we were back at school - direction instruction and independent practice - just remotely for now....

Q: When the help desk will be available or is it available now?

A: The help desk should be running by the end of August.

Q: Will Teachers be proactive in meeting with students or do students have to seek Teachers out for help etc...? Are there any set expecatations you have for Teachers and individual meetings with students?

A: Will Teachers be proactive in meeting with students or do students have to seek Teachers out for help etc...? Are there any set expecatations you have for Teachers and individual meetings with students?

Q: When will student schedules be available? Can we submit a request to change an elective if our student is placed in an elective they don't have an interest in?

A: Student schedules will be available in early September. Unfortunately, students will be unable to change electives.

Q: In video presentation, Principal mentioned students would be assigned to cohort groups when they return to school, will those groups be established for the virtual part of the year as well?

A: Yes they will stay in the same cohort all year long along with the same teachers. We want to keep our students' experiences as consistent as possible.

Q: Will there be any say in which students are in a cohort together so that there can be some friends together and/or thinking about families that may be in isolation groups/learning pods together.

A: We are finding as we are building schedules and plans that moving kids from one cohort to another will be very difficult ESPECIALLY if there are siblings in other schools/at different levels.

Q: Will students in same household be assigned the same attendance schedule?

A: Beaverton School Students in the same household are assigned to the same attendance schedule.

Q: Is there a reason Spanish will not be offered next year? Assuming everything turns to normal the following school year, will Spanish be offered then?

A: Unfortunately, we had to eliminate Spanish based on staffing issues we are dealing with. Not an easy decision at all. Our Spanish teacher has moved to the high school for a full time position. This left us with a 1/2 time opening and we had to make decisions about staffing other elective teachers and options that exist for students. We chose to staff technology, band, choir, drama and art. We simply didn't have enough staffing to add any more.

Q: Will the students who selected Spanish as their elective have an opportunity to select something different, or will that be decided for them by the school?

A: It will be decided for them as we will be giving them a variety of elective options based on what we have available. Having students select an elective class simple doesn't work with Distance Learning and co-horting students within classroom groups for lessons and learning. It's very confusing, for sure.

Q: When can we expect to receive the kids’ schedules / school supplies list / class allocations?

A: Schedules in early September. Chromebook distribution will occur in early September.

Q: Asking to know if I'm understanding correctly: attendance groups and cohorts are different. Attendance groups are being chosen by the district and cohorts are being chosen by the schools?

A: Correct. There are two attendance groups, Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. Within each of those attendance groups there will be six cohorts/groups of students who will stay together through the entire day/year. We are doing this for class size and safety/social distancing/contact tracing by Oregon Health Authority.

Q: How will the rigor of cdl compare to flex online. Will one move faster than the other or more thorough?

A: Don't really know about the rigor in FLEX but it is a full day option that is offered by the school district and taught by Beaverton teachers. I wish we had more to share. CDL - you are attached to Conestoga so we (the school) has more connection to the curriculum, student attendance, and student progress.

Q: I have an incoming 6th grader who did horribly with the online learning in the Spring. He does not handle screens well at all (our family limit is 2 hours a week). I am thinking of pulling him and doing homeschool. What options can you offer for this? I would like to keep him enrolled for many reasons, but I also know that it would be quite detrimental to his mental health to have more than 30-60 mins a day of screen time

A: Every student will be in 6 periods a day PLUS a short homeroom/check in. Each day may be a little different when it comes to screen time... Best guess - 2 - 2 1/2 hour of screen time with “live contact with teachers” and then 2-2 1/2 of practice time that can be with without screen if you go the print option.

Q: If students can not be in the virtual class, but still access the lesson at a different time and complete the required work, will there be any sort of penalty for missing the live virtual class? I have heard that attendance will be taken, but I am trying to figure out how it will work. If my student misses zoom classes, but views the class recording in canvas and completes course work, is that ok?

A: The content and lessons will be posted on Canvas so students will be able to complete the work at any time. But the lesson will be delivered at one time, live, by the teacher. This is important to remember as the remote model is designed to be as close to "regular school" as possible. Yes, attendance is taken, but the penalty, if you call it that, is missing the direct instruction part of the lesson. Hope this makes sense.

Q: It sounds like CDL will be more synchronous learning than the Flex program. Within that will there group discussions, break out groups for kids to do partner work or small group activities? Also, in that vein, will lessons be recorded if they miss the live class, so that they can work asynchronously? Then, when we are able to go back to a hybrid model, how will classes be managed for those families that decide to remain CDL?

A: Yes, there will be more synchronous learning in CDL. We cannot speak to FLEX on synchronous learning. CDL will be much like "in-school" where teachers give instruction and then can break out in groups or individual work-time to assist students. All classes will also post the lessons on canvas for the students (not necessarily video recorded). This will work the same with Hybrid.

Q: Why are the hours so late in the day? 10-4 as expected instruction time? Also, I have been ready through the questions/comments, and there seems to be conflicting answers. On one hand, it says live instruction will be at certain times (synchronous learning) and other replies say that all lessons will be posted on Canvas. Will the lessons that are on live sessions be recorded/posted if needed to review later, or will it just be the assignments posted to Canvas?

A: The lateness has two answers - When in Hybrid we will have to accommodate transportation. The second answer is that teachers will need time to plan daily and then while teaching, they will be teaching with very few “breaks” from 10 - 4.

It is true that all lessons will be posted on Canvas, but during the synchronous lessons teachers will refer to the activities on Canvas so that students can access them. Similarly, examples that are presented in class will be posted in Canvas as well. I anticipate that some lessons could be recorded. They could also be prepared “before hand” in a flipped classroom structure. We will be working to deliver this kind of instruction when it is appropriate and most-effective.

Here a quick link I found that describes this:

We will be learning about this... (link Below)

I’ll be honest.. I just looked it up to provide a quick idea of what it could look like. SOME students will thrive with this kind of instruction... others not. We will need to vary our lessons, methods of instruction and delivery of content to help meet kid’s needs.