TCE Library Update

March 2016

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Itching for something new to try??

Click the pics below to read about great new apps!

Join a Google Educator Group!

GEGs...What are they?

The Texas Bluebonnet Award for 2015 is...

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When the Beat Was Born Book Trailer
2016-2017 Texas Bluebonnet Nominees

Scroll to the very bottom for a great video montage and the master list.

Learn how to add subtitles to any YouTube video you create. Even in other languages!

Creating subtitles and closed captions

Creative Ways to Use Google Draw You May Not Know About

Click HERE to discover some new ways to use Google Draw.

Creating Infographics using Google Drawings

Have a lot going on? This app may help you!

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If This Than That (IFTTT) is a great app to connect some of your other apps together. You can design alerts (recipes) for things you want to be made aware of.

  • If there is rain in tomorrow's forecast, than I will get an email letting me know so I remember my umbrella.
  • If NASA posts a new picture-of-the-day, then I want to get that image emailed to me so I can share it with my class.

Read more about it HERE in the app store.

E-books, Audiobooks, and Book Books...Oh My!

Audiobooks now available!

Special thanks to Brad Cook & Tina Berumen for sharing some wonderful new tools!