My Future

Donovan Brooks

Right Brain Thinker

My Personality

#1 Green

Green personality people tend to be intillectual, curious, stratigic, and visionary. But they usualy like to work alone because they don't like to rely on others


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what do they do ?

well they evaluate data

They exsplore phisical phenomina

and they work in labortory's

what do they get paid ?

national average for yearly salery

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what are the requirements ?


well in order to even be a phyisicist you need to have a high education and work ethic.

you need a masters degree and you have to really want it.

craft artist

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what do they do?

they create things for sale and show

pick materials for use

what do they get paid ?


My school'in

#1 Albertus Magnus

Location: new haven, CT

# of students: 1,233

total cost per year: 46,226

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#2 colby colledge

Location: waterville, ME

#of students: 6,758

total cost per year: 60,170

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#3 U of A

Location: feyettville, AR

#of students: 26,404

total cost per year: 20,060

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My High Shcool Plans

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9th- get good grades,get involved,start a resume of all acheivments

10th-keep grades up,take psat and/or plan,maintain resume

11th-boost your gpa,take act and/or sat,maintain resume

12th-get letters of recmmendation,apply to schools,complete the fasfa, apply for scholarships

My High School Plans

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June 18th 4:00 at the barnhill arena