The Justiss Newsletter

December 2021

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Principal's Corner

Dear Justiss Families,

Christmas is such a special time, to me a time to share kindness and count my many blessings. When thinking about this I thought I would share some easy ideas on how you and your kids could spread some kindness together during the Christmas Holidays and teach them ways they can give back to those around them.

Too often we get caught up in the dizzying busyness of Christmas, forgetting what really matters. With this holiday set to be like no other, let's make it our goal to spread cheer to those who are near.

  1. Volunteer at your local Food Bank

  2. Donate pet supplies to your local shelters

  3. Look out for your elderly neighbors by providing them with food supplies, giving them a phone call, or asking if you can help to pick up shopping.

  4. Donate to a charity

  5. Write a thank you note (mailman, teacher, doctor, trash collector, etc)

  6. Give socks to help the homeless

  7. Walk someone else’s dog

Use this Christmas to reach out to those in need or those you appreciate. Acts of kindness can go a long way — and might just be the lifeline they need.

Your proud principal,

Reneé Elmore


We will have a PTO Meeting on Tuesday, December 7th at 3:15 PM. We will send out a link through Remind closer to time. Thank you for supporting the Justiss PTO!

Reminder: All visitors must check-in with a driver’s license in the front office.

Dates to Remember:

Dec. 6th: Progress Reports Posted to Parent Portal

Dec. 6th-17th: Winter Dress-Up and Good Deeds

*Note will be coming home with more information.

Dec. 7th: PTO Meeting at 3:15 PM
Dec. 16th: Choir/Jammers Winter
Performance 9AM & 6PM

Dec. 17th: Second Nine Weeks Ends

Dec. 17th: Early Dismissal 11:40AM

Dec. 20th-31st: Christmas Break

Jan. 3rd: Staff Development/No School

Jan. 4th: Third Nine Weeks Begins

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Congratulations to our October GROWL Award Recipient ⭐Aiden Kelley⭐

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Counselor’s Connection

Be a Georgia. You might wonder….Who or what is Georgia? At the beginning of our school year, Paris ISD employees heard from an amazing man, who had suffered a tragic injury while playing college football that left him paralyzed. In his powerful presentation, he talked about the critical moment, when he was in complete despair and at an all time low... a nurse named Georgia entered his hospital room. Everything he had envisioned his life to be had suddenly been ripped away and he could not consider how he could go on. Georgia was a strong, sincere, and empowering woman and she looked at the young man and said, “You will beat this!” To make a long story short….this woman was the catalyst for his recovery and instilled a passion in him to not give up! Who is your Georgia? Who has inspired you in tough times, been there for you to encourage you to do your best, pushed you to grow and improve, loved you unconditionally even when you were unlovable? Mrs. Beshirs is on a mission to encourage our kids to be “Georgias” and to recognize and appreciate the “Georgias” in their lives. We will be on the lookout for Georgias at Justiss and celebrate them as they inspire and encourage others! We all have the ability to lift someone up on a bad day, encourage them to do hard things, and to remind them to Work Hard and Dream Big! Encourage your child to be a “Georgia” and be a Georgia to them!

Mrs. Irwin and Mrs. Little

Justiss School Counselors

Wise Words

Each week at Justiss we focus on a new Wise Word. We display the word around the school, talk about it each day on announcements, and use it in every classroom! We also post it each week on our Facebook and Instagram pages! Here are the Wise Words we have studied so far:

  • Purpose
  • Appropriate
  • Represent
  • Cautious
  • Opportunity
  • Combine
  • Effective
  • Support
  • Describe
  • Strive
  • Compare
  • Qualify
  • Section

If you ask your children about these words, you may be surprised as to what they can tell you! Ask them to give you a synonym or even how to use it in a sentence. The Wise Word initiative has been great for our Justiss students! Thank you to our Wise Word Wizard, Mrs. Lester, for coordinating this awesome program!