Cluster 1 Update

April 3, 2020

Hello Cluster 1 Parents/Guardians and Students,

Your teachers can’t thank you enough for your continued devotion of time and energy to learning during this stressful period. We know that completing work at home without the help of teachers is difficult, and we salute you for your perseverance. Starting next week, Watertown Public Schools are moving to a more interactive schedule so that students will benefit from increased interaction with their teachers.

Clusters have been given some autonomy in creating a schedule that will work for their students. Here’s what we came up with:
Monday is when Cluster 1 teachers plan to post screencasts outlining their expectations for the week. These short videos will be posted to Google Classroom for students to view and review at their convenience.

Cluster 1 teachers will be hosting joint Zoom meetings Tuesday through Friday (as outlined above). Students are expected to attend at least one morning session, and one afternoon session per week. This time is to check in with teachers and get support/clarification on assignments. For example, if a student decides to attend the morning session and afternoon session on Tuesday, they will have met the expectation for the week and are free to complete assignments at their leisure. Attendance will be taken during these sessions. Zoom codes will be delivered to students on Google Classroom and/or emailed to them directly.

We know that the schedule and expectations are constantly evolving, and we appreciate your flexibility during it all. Please feel free to email any cluster teacher with questions regarding this schedule change.

Most Sincerely,
Cluster 1