julian contreras

Do you like playing sports? Most poeple do, but the three most popaler sport are baseball, basketball, and football. A lot of poeple in San Antionio love professional sports so much thay will travle out of state to see it.


Baseball is all about fun some skill. It's been known as America's greatest pass time. It's played by nine players on each team taking turn batting and feilding. The offense attempt's to score more runs thanit opponents by hitting a ball that is thown by a Picther.Players on the batting team take turns hitting againt the ppicther on the feilding team.


Football is belived to have descended from the ancient greek game of harpaston. The game Football had lots of rules.there were 20 players on each team. Some poeple rule changes to bolster the excitement of the game of Football. Though refinments to the game it would continue to the present day, the modern game of FootballAmerican Football will arrive.