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According to Merriam Webster, a hero is defined as "a person who is greatly admired." Yet a typical image of a hero could be a caped man in a latex suit or a brave soldier during battle. However, a hero is much more than a man in a latex suit. A true hero is anyone who is admired by another. It is not just one who is widely admired, but anyone who is admired at all.

A hero is a internationally recognized celebrity admired by screaming fans around the world. Imagine Justin Beiber inspiring admiring fans through their music. Consider all of the messages expressed through music, sent into the minds of the loyal fans across the globe. With his music inspiring some, guiding others through hardships, or just enjoyed by many, Beiber is greatly appreciated and admired. Idolized by many, such a highly admired individual is most definitely a hero.

A hero is also a kindly old grandmother admired by her grandchildren for her delicious cookies. Jimmy had always counted on his grandmother’s food for nourishment. As he pursued his dream of cooking, he looked up to his grandmother for advice, and the occasional basket of baked goods. When he finally reached his lifelong dream of becoming a chef, he remembered all that his grandmother taught him. With years of his admiration, Jimmy believed his grandmother to be his lifelong hero. Jimmy’s admiration is all that his grandmother needs to be hero, thus showing that all you need is one admirer to be a hero.

In conclusion, a hero can range from Justin Beiber to Jimmy’s grandma. A hero is anyone who is admired by another. From an internationally known star to a some kid’s relative, it shows that just about anyone can be a true hero. Some admire singers. For others, their family. Some idolize silly old men running around in a full body latex suit. But in the end anyone can be your hero, and you can be anyone’s hero.

Untouchable Hero

A hero is someone who is admired by another person. An internationally famous actor, appearing in “The Drunken Master”, “Rush Hour”, “The Karate Kid”, and “Kung Fu Panda”. This actor is my hero simply because I admire him. Jackie Chan is my hero.

Jackie Chan is a hero to many as they enjoy his acting and martial arts. Thus, these fans’ admiration is what makes Chan a hero. Jackie Chan has exceptional acting skills. Unlike Bruce Lee, and Jet Li, two actors who also display excellence in martial arts, Chan adds a comedic flair to his fights and acting. A notable example was in the 1998 movie “Rush Hour”. As Jackie Chan fights in a museum, he attempts to save priceless artifacts from destruction, all the while fighting off groups of thugs. Another example of his acting is given by the Encyclopedia of World Biography. According to the encyclopedia, Jackie Chan has “honed his comedic persona in such films as the dizzyingly paced slapstick action comedy Project A (1983), in which, borrowing a prop from American silent-film comic Harold Lloyd, he took a headfirst plunge off a giant clock face.” With his unique acting style, many people enjoy his comedic fights. With so many admirers, Chan is a true hero.

Much like many other people, I have multiple heroes. Yet, despite this, my heroes have nothing in common. Jackie Chan is a world famous actor. My grandmother is a retired surgeon. These two have nothing in common, except for the fact that I admire them. Chan is admired for his comedic acting skills, while I admire my grandmother for her helpful mindset. In the end, even though they are so different, they are both my heroes, simply because I admire them.

Chan has taught me to persevere and be unique, and my grandmother has taught me to help others. For this, I admire them, and therefore they are my heroes.

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