Capture the Flag

The classic game of capturing intel and how I got into it.

My History: How I got started.

I first got into it when I was in sixth grade. I wasn’t so good at it and really didn’t grasp the concept of it. I did, however, think it was kind of fun and decided to practice it. (Online TF2 matches, of course.)

Offensive Tactics: What to do when your team is on the move.

Over time, however, I gained practice and got better. I learned smart tactics like flanking and that sometimes sacrifice was necessary for the good of the team. For example, sometimes an excellent runner or stealer player is no match for four or five good or even mediocre defensive players guarding a flag. In this case, a group of sacrificial players should surround the good player and let themselves be taken in order for the runner to break away from the distracted crowd of defenders, run up and grab the flag, and sprint around or through the crowd of people getting taken, and cross the line. Another idea is for two flanks of sacrificial players to flank the opposing team on both sides, and a small team of good runners go in and grab the flag. There are many more tactics, some are even used in actual wars. Those people who are fast but not as fast as the main runners are called stealers. These are the people that run in and can grab a person from your opposing teams jail and run back without being noticed too much, as the defenders attention will most likely be upon the runners or capturers. Those who have captured a couple flags should sit back and cool off for a little bit, as heat will continue and they will gain the entire opposing teams attention when they draw within 15 feet of the boundary line.

Defensive Tactics: How to prepare for the coming storm.

When it is clear that your opposing team is more of a offensive team and is constantly performing raids upon your flag, that is when you need to call over your team and break into defensive formation. There are a few good tactics to use when you are on defense:                                                                                    •Put pressure on your jail and flags. Do not make it so that people are completely surrounding your jail and flag, as the opposing team will start to make camps inside of your boundary line. Beware stragglers that run inside your boundaries to tease you, and do not let any of your teammates sacrifice themselves by running inside their boundaries while chasing a tormentor.                                                                                      •Set up a strong defense around your Pomerian Line, or boundary. Give it a good defense while keeping some folks around to guard your teams flag and jail. Make it so they can barely even get in to your territory, and if they do capture them. Side Note: This strategy has a few downfalls, such as a large amount of enemies converging and running straight at your boundary team might be able to break through, or open a route for a opposing runner to run in.                                                                                                    •Make it look as if your team does not care if they get in. Wait for a real opponent, a number 1 or 2 runner or stealer to enter your territory, then send in one of your best men to meet him. Have your man try and block him around, keep him in your territory, and then have the rest of your team creep around and surround him, and take off his flag. Repeat for a while until the defenders have to go in, leaving them open. Side Note: If your team is busy converging entirely on one man, it opens up a path for the other runners to come in and grab your flag. Use this tactic once they are starting to run out of good capturers or runners.The point of playing on the defensive is to capture their runners once they get in your territory, and wait until an opening comes up for your own runners to run in and capture.

Present Day: How are you now compared to how you were then?

I can honestly say my game has much improved. I have studied strategies and played long games. While I have to say being very speedy is a great addition to this game, I think maybe I could be just as good without it. I am probably, I can humbly say, one of the single best players in my school. Why Capture the Flag is not a professional sport, I have no idea. All the same, I shall continue to play it as long as I can, and continue to improve. I have studied actual tactics used in wars, and find that they can easily be transferred to Capture the Flag techniques. If or if not or not my team will be able to follow me as I lead them in the tactics, is another story. Until I am better, however, I shall make no further boasts, except for saying once again, that practice makes perfect.